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10 Tips to Improve Email Writing for Marketing with Examples 

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In the growing digital landscape of today’s times, only the conventional mode of marketing does not seem to be enough to generate good sales. While almost everyone has a smartphone today, digital marketing has become one of the most important aspects of marketing. Almost everything is on the fingertips today so here are 15 tips to increase sales through Email Marketing: 

1 – A Catchy Subject line: 

Everyone receives an average of 150 notifications a day on their phones so only the best subject lines grab the attention of the prospects. If you want to increase the receive to opening ratio of marketing emails, a short but irresistible message can make people open your mails. Subject titles like “If you knew this…”, “Unmissable deal…”, “An offer only for you”, etc. 

2 – Always remember – No fake baits: 

Make sure to keep the subject line according to the content. Whenever a prospect clicks your email, he/she should not feel scammed. The content must go in-line with the subject of the Email. 

3 – The beginning of the email:  

Always Greet with personal names whenever possible. Name is the most favorite word of a human being, why? Because he/she has heard it the most in their life. Greeting with names creates association and gives a personal touch to the conversation. The prospect would feel valued when an organization big or small remembers their name. The mistake organizations often make by writing, “Dear User” or “Dear 51215”, this gives a very wrong message to the prospect, and it shows that the email might be AI generated.   

4 – Keep it to the Point: 

As we know that the prospect would be receiving hundreds, if not thousands of notifications a day, we want the marketing message to be short, crisp and to the point. But that doesn’t mean you will just say “Dear Ajay, here’s the offer”, you can keep it in the following way: 


You can use it any time before the month ends. 

Your Well-wisher 


[Organization name] 

5 – The beautification of your Message:

Just text would make your email monotonous just like everyone else’s. If you want to stand aprt from the hundred emails your prospect receives in a week, it has to be something graphically luring. An animation would make it cherry on the cake. 

For ex. If you organization sells Pizzas, you can use animation of a delicious cheese pull with the offer which would assure the prospect stays in the email for more time. As the Pizza looks delicious, he/she would be interested in reading what is written around the pizza.   

6 – Know what to Highlight: 

While you already know how your email body should be, you should also be aware about how the text size works. You should be clear about what you want to be highlighted in the email. Of course, the main highlight would be the subject but what about the text inside? If you have written in the subject, “Free deal for you”, the prospect has opened your email after reading free deal, now your email body should be highlighting the “Free” word the most. So, the priority in ascending order would become, Free > what’s free > validity.   

7 – Know what to not highlight: 

We know it’s your marketing email so you would want to generate something out of it, so you’d be keeping certain terms and conditions about how the offer can be availed. Remember to never miss missing the conditions because not mentioning them might backfire against you and would cost you losing the loyal customers. Always mention the conditions at the end. Keep them short, crisp and easy to understand. One big no is manipulation. Keep it as simple and clear as possible. The customer should feel valued and he/she should actually feel that the offer is in their benefit. Anything that makes them think that it’s for your benefit and not theirs, would stop them from going ahead. 

8 – No blurry pictures or Gifs: 

A professional marketing email would never look blur. So be it pictures or Gif, make sure that nothing looks like that of low quality. Use crystal clear images and export everything to high Quality while keeping the maximum size of emails in mind. 

9 – Email Loading Time: 

While it’s important to keep the images and Gifs of good quality, it’s also important to keep the note of email loading time. Anyone opening the email may not be having access to fast internet. Although it is subjective about how much the prospect would wait for loading of the email but it is evident that maximum someone would be willing to wait could be somewhere around 3 seconds. Within this time frame the email should completely get loaded so the prospect could exactly see what it stands for and what he/se would be getting out of it. 

10 – Proofreading:   

The last thing you would want to do is send emails without the content or attachments. So make sure to proofread all that you are willing to keep in the marketing email for your prospects as well as your organization. A mishap like this would increase the channels sending your emails into spam or not sending them at all. The marketing channel might also keep you on radar and keep a close monitoring on your future marketing emails. 


Following the steps mentioned above will help you get the best of your marketing emails. These points have been written out of personal experiences and as we all know, the exact same formula may not apply to all the businesses. You should do what gives you the best ROI in your emails. If you have any queries or have questions about what may or may not help you or have suggestions for us, feel free and reach out to us on growth@dartdesigner.in   

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