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Unwrapping the Sweet Journey: Cadbury 5 Star Campaigns (2011-2018) 

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Cadbury 5 Star, a name synonymous with delightful chocolate experiences, has graced our taste buds for years. The brand’s advertising campaigns from 2011 to 2018 were not just about selling chocolate; they were about creating memorable, entertaining narratives that stayed with the audience. Join us as we unravel the sweet journey of Cadbury 5 Star through its engaging campaigns.

1. “Jo Khaye Kho Jaay”:

The journey began with the catchy tagline “Jo Khaye Kho Jaay,” inviting consumers to indulge in the unique taste of Cadbury 5 Star. Ramesh Suresh, the iconic duo, took center stage, adding a humorous twist by involving a tailor in the escapade of cutting Pitaji’s Patloon by Ek Bilang multiple times. The misadventure led to a comical beating from Dad, setting the stage for the playful tone of future campaigns.

2. “5 Star is now softer”:

Addressing the perception that 5 Star was hard to chew, the campaign “5 Star is now softer” debunked this preconceived notion. With the tagline “Ab Cadbury 5 Star ho gaya hai aur bhi soft Yaani Mulayam,” the brand emphasized the improved softness of its chocolate, putting to rest any doubts about its chewability.

   3. “What a Co-Accident”:

  The campaign “Pata hai Mai kuch jeeta, What a Co-Accident” caught everyone’s attention with its  intriguing narrative. The element of surprise and the unexpected twist in the storyline added a layer of suspense, making it a memorable chapter in the 5 Star saga.

4. ₹10 mein extra umm (20% extra):

“Kabhi kuch na karke bhi dekho” – this campaign introduced the irresistible proposition of getting “extra umm” in every ₹10 pack. The term “umm” cleverly represented the joy of losing oneself in the deliciousness of Cadbury 5 Star. The campaign encouraged consumers to experience the pleasure of indulgence, even if it meant doing nothing but savoring the moment.

5. “Khone ke Faayde Paao Campaign with Myntra”:

To appeal to the youth, Cadbury 5 Star collaborated with Myntra in the “Khone ke Faayde Paao” campaign. A simple missed call would unlock a world of prices, offers, and surprises. This innovative approach engaged the tech-savvy generation and added an interactive element to the brand’s marketing strategy.

6. “Jo Khaaye Extra Kho jaaye” with more caramel:

Introducing more caramel into the mix, the campaign “Jo Khaaye Extra Kho jaaye” took a mischievous turn. Ramesh outsmarted a thief by tying his shoe with the thief’s, highlighting the irresistible nature of Cadbury 5 Star and its ability to make you forget everything else.

7. 5 Star 3d – “Jo khaaye alag level pe kho jaay”:

In the final leg of the journey, Cadbury 5 Star introduced the 3D variant with the tagline “Jo khaaye alag level pe kho jaay.” The campaign tempted chocolate lovers to experience a new dimension of flavor with enticing visuals, creating a desire to try the 5 Star 3D.


The Cadbury 5 Star campaigns from 2011 to 2018 weren’t just commercials; they were a series of delightful stories that connected with consumers on a personal level. Through humor, innovation, and a touch of mischief, Cadbury 5 Star successfully carved its niche in the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts. As we look back at these campaigns, we can’t help but appreciate the brand’s ability to make us smile and savor the sweet moments of life.

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