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Agasti Bharatvarsh
Firstcare Surgical
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Duliram Pendawala
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Creative Heads Inc.

Dart knows how to maintain long-term relationships and be in good shape over long distances. I liked the attention to detail, the ability to look at tasks outside the box, clarity and a systematic approach

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Vasimkhan Pathan
Creative Heads Inc.

We thank the Dart team for developing a holistic and aesthetic solution that will delight our customers for many years to come.

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Monika Panchal
Creative Heads Inc.

Big Lunch products in a new design went on sale and aroused high interest from both our distributors and chain buyers. The Dart team showed professionalism at all stages of the implementation of a rather difficult project to restart a mass product

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Chandan Patel
Creative Heads Inc.

In the process of joint work of the brand team with Dart, it was possible to find the exact graphic image “Crossroads of Tastes and Ideas”, which reflected the essence of the business and opened up new opportunities for brand visual communications

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